B Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download

By | September 27, 2021
B Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download

B Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download

B Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download in Urdu

B Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download. Pharmacy is the most exciting and fastest-growing profession, with a wide range of career options. Many occupations promise to improve people’s quality of life.

The profession of a pharmacist entails the preservation of life.
A solid professional future is relatively ensured while also benefitting society, with the joy of personal success. The Punjab Pharmacy Council is a Federally Governed Statutory Autonomous Body (Pharmacy Act, 1967).

علم ادویہ پیپر two ۔

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اس کتاب کو خریدنے کے لیے۔
واٹس ایپ کریں۔

The Pharmacy Council was established.

The Punjab Pharmacy Council was established to govern the pharmaceutical profession. The Pharmacy Act of 1967, as amended in 1973, controls pharmacy practice. The Secretary of Punjab’s Ministry of Health is the President (Ex-officio).

The secretary oversees the Punjab Pharmacy Council. And is in charge of seeing it through. Performing all legal responsibilities outlined in Section 23 of the Pharmacy Act of 1967:

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punjab pharmacy book    B Pharmacy Assistant Books And Notes Pdf Free Download

List candidates of 38th Pharmacy Assistant Schedule Annual Examination Date Sheet      Pharmacy Assistant Past Papers

The Punjab Pharmacy Council is the regulatory authority for pharmacists in Punjab.

Flats 12-13, Block 7

Huma Block, Allama Iqbal Town










Central Pharmacy has authorized the Pharmacy Technician Curriculum.

Pakistani Consultative Council

I. Introduction

Punjab Pharmacy Book part 1

The opening and title are both briefs.

(1) The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan is the name given to these guidelines.

Regulations for (Examination for Registration in Register “B”), 2006.

(2) They will take effect immediately.


(1) In these rules and regulations, unless the subject is in any way objectionable.

(a) “Register” refers to the registration examination in “B.”

A Provincial Council oversees the process, which is recorded in Register “B.”

(c) “Student” refers to a student who has registered for the test.

In the “B” register.

(2) All words and feelings used but not stated here must be the same.

According to the Pharmacy Act of 1967, they have the following responsibilities: (XI of 1967).

The Second Chapter

In general, uses.

(1) Overarching objectives for enrolling in study courses.

Register “B” must contain healthcare and community-based services.

Officials who are capable of dealing with concerns of public health.

They are correctly applied, scientifically correct, and cost-effective.

Technology, as well as a holistic approach to monitoring and coaching, are essential.

Pharmacist with a degree in pharmacy.

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(2) Registration “B” necessitates a student’s eligibility to register following the examination.

Take command, complete your tasks, and communicate effectively.

(3) Preparation for the registration examination in Register “B.”

As much integration as feasible should be pursued.

4. Domain of expertise (knowledge) about the course for registration in the register.

After completing the exam for registration in registration “B,” a student.

Are the concept, fundamental information, an introduction,

(a) Health and illness management precautions and treatments.

(b) The legal side of pharmacy practice and the fundamental principles of pharmacy practice.

(c) Current and future community health issues, as well as potential remedies.

Programmes on insecurity (d) Socio-cultural context, socioeconomic factors, and shifting roles

The health and sickness environment (e) The idea and knowledge of medications and their development

f) Drugs and their therapy.

(g) Drugs’ toxic manifestations and adverse effects.

(h) The Food and Drug Administration, as well as.

I am on prescription medication.


c) Assist the Pharmacist in the production of pharmaceutical formulations.

(D) aid the Pharmacist in the distribution and storage of medications, medical supplies, and other items.

Medical, surgical, and other products, as well as dispensaries and pharmacies.

Stores, labs, and hospital wards are only a few examples.

(e) Assist the Pharmacist with the preparation and distribution of medication demands or applications.

As well as medical supplies from wards and other hospital divisions.

(f) Keep track of the flow of medications and other medical supplies by keeping inventory records.

Items at pharmacies and medical stores are given special attention.

Quantity and timeframe:

(g) Maintain proper communication with other members of the healthcare team.

(h) Gather information from the library and reference books as necessary.

I Acquire the necessary skills to assist a community pharmacist.

(j) Recognize the need for active engagement to keep your knowledge up to date.

Ongoing training programme:

(k) Carry out any additional responsibilities assigned by the Pharmacist.

(l) Seek assistance with pharmaceutical production.

Pharmacist in charge of production

(m) Assist the production pharmacist in all aspects of manufacturing.

(n) Recognize proper storage conditions.

Regarding the Registration Course, the Practical Domain (Role and Behavior)

In the “B” register.

Registration “B” necessitates that a student register after completing their course.

(a) Demonstrate qualities and personality traits such as accountability.

Patients, the community, and peers.

(b) Respect the right to privacy of the patient.

(c) Recognize its limits as a professional.

(d) Develop positive connections with patients and those involved.

When it comes to health care,

e) Assisting with the implementation of educational, counselling, preventive, and treatment initiatives.

B Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download

In the fight against illness, and

f) Enhance his professional knowledge, abilities, and attitudes.


اس کتاب کو خریدنے کے لیے۔

واٹس ایپ کریں۔



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