Practical Date Sheet of 38th Pharmacy Assistant 2021

By | July 21, 2021

Pharmacy Asisstent practical annual exam 38 date sheet copy

Practical Date Sheet of 38th Pharmacy Assistant 2021

Practical Date Sheet of 38th Pharmacy Assistant 2021. The 38th Practical Annual Examination of Pharmacy Assistant 2021 is scheduled to be held Next Month.

Note:- Roll Number Slip/Duplicate slip may be downloaded from the website of NTS (National Testing Service)

Practical Date Sheet of 38th Annual Exam is now available.


Note:- Roll Number Slip/Duplicate slip may be downloaded from the website of NTS (National Testing Service). Download here


Minimum Matric with Sciences or General Science.


2 Years, apprenticeship training under the supervision of registered & notified pharmacists by the Health Department. OR Qualified dispenser with PMF.

Punjab pharmacy council

Paper Schedule:

Theory Paper – 2

Practical Paper – 1

Paper – I

(a) General Pharmacy

(b) Pharmacognosy

(c) Hospital Pharmacy


(a) Pharmacology + Toxicology

(b) Pharmaceutics

(c) Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacy/Drug Laws

Each Paper will be of 100 Marks consisting of 50% Objective and 50% Subjective                (Short Questions)

Paper – III

Practical of 180 marks

The result for the 38th session is now online.

The admission form for the supplementary examination of the pharmacy assistant will be received from 01st April to 30th April 2019 with Fee Rs. 4000/.

The Admission Form Supplementary may download

Pharmacy Asisstent practical annual exam 38 date sheet image

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Who is the pharmacist:

Pharmacists are pharmacologists and play an important role in helping people get the best results from their medicines. Pharmacists prepare and provide prescriptions, make sure medicines and dosages are correct, prevent harmful drug interventions, and advise patients on the safe and proper use of their medicines. They specialize in developing medicines, including their chemical, biological, physical properties and preparation and use.

Other healthcare professionals rely on pharmacists to select and administer medications that offer the best results and quality of life for a particular patient. Pharmacists may also prescribe personalized medicines, participate in patient cycles in the hospital, reduce the spread of infection, conduct research or clinical trials, or treat a patient’s specific population or disease condition (such as diabetes, heart disease). Disease, asthma, HIV, and concentration). Pain management).

Practical Date Sheet of 38th Pharmacy Assistant 2021

Pharmacists are also accessible healthcare professionals because most people in the United States live within walking distance of medicines! If you find this interesting, you may want to become a pharmacist – a trusted, caring, and healthcare professional. Maybe for you.

Working conditions

Traditionally, pharmacists work primarily in community (retail) pharmacies, including grocery and drug stores. However, the profession is changing rapidly, and more pharmacists are working in clinical roles in hospitals, physician’s offices, and specialized clinics.

Pharmacists can be found in emergency rooms, pediatric departments, oncology centers, cardiac care units, intensive care units, detoxification centers, and long-term care facilities (such as nursing homes). Some pharmacists work for the government and the military. In most settings, they spend most of their work on their feet.



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