Punjab Pharmacy Book

By | September 21, 2021
punjab pharmacy book

punjab pharmacy book

Punjab Pharmacy Book

Punjab Pharmacy Book. Pharmacy is the fastest-growing, most exciting career, with a plethora of options. Many vocations promise to improve the quality of life in society. The profession of a pharmacist entails the preservation of life.

With the joy of personal success, a solid professional future is reasonably ensured while helping the community. Punjab Pharmacy Council is a Statutory Autonomous Body that operates under Federal Law (Pharmacy Act, 1967).

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Pharmacy Council was established

The Punjab Pharmacy Council was established to govern the pharmacy profession. Under the Pharmacy Act of 1967, as amended in 1973. The Secretary of Health Government of Punjab serves as President (Ex-officio).

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Whereas the secretary holds the office of Punjab Pharmacy Council.  And is responsible for carrying out. Exercising all legislative responsibilities (Section-23 of the Pharmacy Act, 1967) as follows:

Punjab Pharmacy Council

Block No.7, Flat 12-13,

Huma Block, Allama Iqbal Town,




 (For Information/Inquiry)






Pharmacy Technician Curriculum Approved by Central Pharmacy.

Council, Pakistan

Chapter – I


Vaginal Cysts Causes Symptoms and Treatments

Short title and beginning.

(1) These rules may be called the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.

(Examination for Registration in Register “B”) Regulations, 2006.

(2) They shall come into force immediately.

  1. Definitions

(1) In these rules and regulations, unless there is anything offensive in the subject.

(a) “Register” means the examination for registration in “B”.

Conducted by a Provincial Council which registers in Register “B”.

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(b) “Student” means the student who has entered the examination for registration.

In register “B”.

(2) The words and impressions used but not described here shall be the same.

As assigned to them in the Pharmacy Act, 1967 (XI of 1967).

Chapter – II


  1. General purposes.

(1) General objectives related to study courses for registration.

Register “B” must be healthcare and community-based.

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Officials capable of dealing with public health problems.

They are appropriately used, scientifically accurate and cost-effective.

Technology and holistic approach in one’s guidance and supervision

Qualified Pharmacist.

(2) Registration “B” requires a student to be eligible for registration after the examination.

Take charge and do your job and communicate effectively.

(3) Course of study for the examination for registration in Register “B.”

Integration should be as far as possible.

4. Knowledge domain (knowledge) concerning the course for registration in the register.

A student, after passing the exam for registration in registration “B.”

Is the concept, basic introduction and knowledge,

(a) Precautions and treatment for health and disease management.

(b) The legal aspect and the basic principles of pharmacy practice.

(c) Current and future community health problems and solutions.

Insecurity programmes (d) Socio-cultural background, socioeconomic variables, and shifting roles

The environment of health and illness (e) The concept and understanding of medicines and their development

(f) Medication and drug treatment.

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(g) Toxic manifestations of drugs and their side effects.

(h) Drug Administration, and.

(i) Pharmaceutical care.

Psycho Motor Domain (Skills) Course of Studies.

Examination for registration in Register “B.”

A student should be able to study.

(a) Help pharmacists to compound and distribute pharmaceuticals.


(b) Help the pharmacist fill, pack and label.


(c) Assist the pharmacist in compounding the pharmaceutical preparations.

(D) assist the pharmacist in the supply and storage of drugs, medical supplies,

Dispensaries, pharmacies, medical, surgical and miscellaneous items.

Stores, laboratories and hospital wards.

(e) Assist the pharmacist in preparing and issuing drug demands or applications.

And other medical items from wards and other departments in hospitals.

(f) Keep inventory records showing the movements of medicines and other medical supplies.

There is a particular emphasis on items in pharmacies and medical stores.

Quantity and duration;

(g) Communicate appropriately with other staff in the healthcare team.

(h) Refer to the library and reference books to gather information whenever needed.

(i) Get the skills needed to help a community pharmacist.

(j) Appreciate the need to update your knowledge through active participation.

Ongoing educational program

(k) Perform any other duties assigned to him by the Pharmacist.

(l) Get help with pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Production Pharmacist

(m) Assist the production pharmacist in general manufacturing activities.


(n) Understand appropriate storage conditions.

  1. Practical Domain (Role and Behavior) Regarding Registration Course

In register “B.”

Registration “B” requires a student to register after their course.

Able to,

(a) Show strengths and personality traits such as a sense of responsibility.

Towards patients, community and peers.

(b) Respect the patient’s right to privacy.

(c) Recognize its professional limitations.

(d) Establish good relationships with patients and all concerned.

In the provision of health care

(e) Assistance in adopting education, guidance and prevention and treatment measures.

Punjab Pharmacy Book

Against disease, and

(f) Improve his professional knowledge, skills and attitudes.


اس کتاب کو خریدنے کے لیے۔

واٹس ایپ کریں۔

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