Pharmacy council b category Assistant Past old Papers pdf

By | May 22, 2021
Pharmacy Assistant Past Papers

Pharmacy Assistant Past Papers

Pharmacy council b category Assistant Past old Papers pdf

B category Pharmacy Assistant Past old Papers pdf. Pharmacy is a fast-growing, dynamic profession with many opportunities. Many professions offer to improve the quality of life in society. The pharmacy profession itself involves the protection of life. Serving the community, a secure professional future is reasonably guaranteed with the satisfaction of personal success. The Punjab Pharmacy Council is an independent sculpting body operating under federal legislation (Pharmacy Act, 1967).

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Pharmacy council b category Past Papers pdf

The Punjab Pharmacy Council was set up under the Pharmacy Act, 1967, which was amended in 1973, with the clear objective of regulating the practice of pharmacy. The Secretary of Health acts as the President (former Officer) of the Government of Punjab.

Pharmacy assistant past papers pdf

Secretary acts as the executor of all the legislative functions of the Punjab Pharmacy Council (Section 23 of the Pharmacy Act, 1967). Works with

Pharmacy Assistant – Quality


Minimum matriculation with science or general science.


2 years of Apprenticeship Training under the supervision of a Pharmacist registered and notified by the Department of Health. Or qualified dispensers with PMF

Paper schedules:

Theory Paper – 2

Practical paper 1

Paper I

(a) General Pharmacy

(b) Pharmaceuticals

(c) Hospital Pharmacy

Paper Second

(a) Pharmaceutical + Toxic

(b) Pharmaceuticals

(c) Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical/drug laws

Each paper will be of 100 marks with 50% objective and 50% thematic (short questions)

Paper III

Practically 180 numbers



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