Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit

By | September 15, 2021
Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit

Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit

Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit

Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit. When trying to fit in, the overall quality of your Sleep is easily overlooked. Your body needs sleep to recharge, and it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no denying that. Fortunately, Google Fit can help you track your sleep habits without jumping into any traps along the way.

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The biggest name for sleep tracking on the Google Play Store Sleep since Android has been around for years and is still one of the recommended apps of its kind. However, when you combine Google Fit and Android Power as Sleep with Android, you get away to record and view your sleep statistics like never before.

Step 1 Download Android as Sleep

Before you can track your sleep habits, you’ll need to get the Sleep as an Android app from the Play Store. This app is where your initial sleep data will be taken from, but it will be moved to the Google Fit app when you sort everything out.

Step 2 Download Google Fit

You will now need to install the Google Fit app if you do not already have one. This is the primary app that will store all the information related to your fitness for easy access. Google wants to create an app that can do all this, like the Google Home app for your smart devices.

Step 3 Make your Sleep an Android experience.

Now, open the Android app as you sleep and scroll through the welcome screen to get acquainted with the features. You can also press the “Skip” button and jump straight to the homepage to get started now. Once you reach the main screen, you will be asked to set the alarm for your wake time.

Press the flashing “Set Alarm” button and choose an ideal time for when you plan to get up in the morning. Now, in the top-right search bar, type

search for “Google Fit,” then tap the entry under “Services.” Next, tap “Google Fit,” then tap “Allow” to allow physical activity. Now, you can choose the Google Account that you will use for your Google Fit app.

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You can review sleep permissions via Android as Android will get from your account, but after that, tap the “Allow” button to accept the connection between the two apps. Now, click the “Upload to the Cloud” button to start syncing your Sleep as Android data with your Google Fit account. From here, whenever you record any new sleep data, it will also be compatible with Google Fit.

Step 4 Start tracking your Sleep.

Now that you have the link between Android and Google Fit as a sleeper, you’re ready to try it yourself. Sleep because Android has many settings and features that may seem overwhelming at first, but you don’t have to mess with them at all. You can use the basics to track your sleep habits and view your data from the Google Fit app, so don’t feel the need to dig too deep.

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When your bedtime is approaching, open Android as Sleep on the main screen, make sure your alarm settings look good, then press the “Start-Sleep Tracking” button. You will need to leave your phone with you so that it can pick up any movement or sound and record it accurately.

After waking up in the morning, you’ll need to swipe through the “Stop and Save” section at the bottom, then press the red button to end the session. Once you’ve completed the session, you’ll be able to add tags or comments to view your sleep graph, rate sleep quality, and even indicate certain sleep conditions.

Step 5 View your gold data using Google Fit.

The data you just recorded will now be compatible with your Google Fit account, so you can open the Fit scheme on the main screen and check the “Sleep” section. Alternatively, if you hit the “Journal” tab, you can take a look at your sleep data entries for easy access.

Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit

There is much more to discover your sleep habits using the basics. You can use Google Fit if you want to see sleep data quickly, but if you’d like to find better details, you’ll want to check out Android as a sleep aid. The two apps work together to track your sleep habits based on your needs. Good luck!

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