Why Do Babies and Children Get Black Tongues?

By | October 14, 2021
Why Do Babies and Children Get Black Tongues

Why Do Babies and Children Get Black Tongues

Why Do Babies and Children Get Black Tongues?

Why Do Babies and Children Get Black Tongues? If your child has developed a black tongue, it is most likely a side effect of a harmless medication, usually associated with more antidotes or prescription antibiotics. The condition resolves independently or sometimes requires treatment in the dentist’s office, such as soft, superficial scraping.

Adults may have more causes of blackheads, including smoking, cancer, side effects of chemotherapy, or bleeding, but these problems rarely affect children.

The doctor looks at the girl’s face using the pressure of the tongue.


Pepto bismuth is the most common cause of black tongue in children. Along with Pepto bismuth, other antacids also include bismuth, a medicinal ingredient that can leave a dark colour or blemish on your language for a few days. It occurs when bismuth combines with sulfur, which is in saliva, to form bismuth sulfide.

When it is caused by medication, the black tongue is harmless and disappears after a few days when you stop taking the drug.

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Other common causes of black language in children include:

Drink or eat something with black dye or food colouring.

Drink or eat something with a natural colour like Blackberry.

Bacteria in the mouth, which can also produce sulfur compounds, can lead to a black tongue.

Lingua villosa nigra (dark-haired tongue), caused by an excess of bacteria or yeast on the tongue

An oiled nevus (birthmark) on the tongue.

Pepto bismuth and rye syndrome.

Pepto Bismol may be effective in treating Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in children. H. pylori are associated with gastric ulcers. But the safety of this drug for children is not well established.

The main ingredient in Pepto bismuth, bismuth sub-salicylate, has been linked to Ray’s syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition affecting children taking certain medications.


For children, the physical appearance of the tongue is usually the most disturbing effect of the black language. However, sometimes, children may have other symptoms along with a black tongue.

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Common signs that can occur with black tongue include:

Halitosis (bad breath)

Bitter or unpleasant taste.

Tongue irritation

Black gums


Because the GI tract also contains sulfur, taking medicine with bismuth can sometimes temporarily darken the stool.

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If your child has developed a black tongue due to antibiotics or antacids, the condition will improve when the treatment is finished. However, there are occasions when the problem must be addressed.

If your child’s doctor thinks their black tongue is due to an infection, they will prescribe treatment with antifungals or antibiotics to treat the condition.

Once your child feels better, this can be an excellent time to review their oral hygiene practices and make sure they are brushing and flossing well. ۔ If they have given up on dentist appointments, now is the time.


Since peptic ulcer is the most common cause of blackheads, giving your child, a baby version (which can be given to 2-year-olds) may be the best prevention.

Instead of bismuth sub-salicylate, the only active ingredient in children’s peptic acid tablets is calcium carbonate. Therefore, unlike other forms of Pepto bismuth, it will not be associated with Ray’s syndrome or black tongue.

Malnutrition, such as low vitamin C, might increase the risk of a black tongue infection.

When to call a doctor:

If your child has pain, swelling, bleeding, or discharge from his tongue, gums or anywhere in his mouth, be sure to seek medical help.

In addition, talk to your doctor if your child has abdominal pain, vomiting, hematoma, or high or persistent fever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Pepto Bismuth Blacken Your Tongue?

Yes, peptic bismuth made for adults can darken your tongue. However, the baby Pepto bismuth version should not blacken your language.

What makes the tongue black?

When sulfur in your body is mixed with bismuth in some medicines or with bacteria or fungi, the chemical reaction can blacken your tongue.

What can I do about my child’s black tongue? If your child’s black vocabulary is caused by medication, you can ask their doctor to prescribe or prescribe another drug. Sometimes a light scratch at the dentist’s office can get rid of it. However, if an infection causes it, the disease should be treated.

How long does a black tongue last?

Black language should be resolved a few days after taking care of the cause.

Why Do Babies and Children Get Black Tongues?

A lovely word. If you are a parent, your child’s black tongue may sound even more frightening. And your child may be worried or embarrassed about the style of their language. Make sure they resolve as soon as you stop taking antibiotics or bismuth. If your child’s black tongue isn’t caused to bismuth medication or doesn’t go away fast, see a paediatrician.

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