Scientists Find a Natural Protein That Stops Allergies And Autoimmune Conditions

By | March 20, 2021

Scientists Find a Natural Protein That Stops Allergies And Autoimmune Conditions

Scientists Find a Natural Protein That Stops Allergies And Autoimmune Conditions

We hypnosis of millions of people, who are suffering from a sympathetic, overt, or utterly disgusting immune system, may feel that you are constantly fighting your physical self.

Inherited allergies to life

From inherited allergies to life-threatening anaphylaxis and debilitating autoimmune diseases, he is protecting us as long as this system goes wrong. Now, we can move closer to resolving these issues in a whole new way.

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Using cell cultures derived from transgenic mice and human tonsils, researchers have now found evidence of how our bodies can defend against errors that can lead to conditions such as asthma, food allergies, and lupus. There are. They found a protein called neuritis made by immune cells. It works a bit like an inbuilt, bass-level antihistamine.

There are more than 80 autoimmune diseases,” said Paula Gonzalez-Figueroa, an immunologist at the Australian National University (ANU). Rather than focusing on pathogens such as viruses and bacteria,

they attack us, “said Paula Gonzalez – Figueroa, an immunologist at the Australian National University (ANU).

We have found that neurotransmitter pressure causes the formation of malignant plasma cells, which are cells that produce harmful antibodies.”

Immune system’s regulatory T cells

We have long known that the immune system’s regulatory T cells suppress self-targeting antibodies and immunoglobulin IgE – antibodies that provoke the release of the notorious histamine in response to allergies – but how ۔ It took Gonzalez-Figueroa and his team five years to work with the help of genetically engineered mice and lab-grown human cells.

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Scientists Find a Natural Protein That Stops Allergies And Autoimmune Conditions

In other games of the standard chain of biology, a particular class of cells called the pituitary regulatory T (or TFR) pumps neuritis, which causes IGE (this is its antihistamine action). Rejects production and suppresses other processes that send plasma cells out. The researchers found that on self-targeting missions (hence, eliminating our automated response).

Without the ability to cause neuritis, mice were more likely to die from anaphylaxis when injected with albumin. These mice reared due to a deficiency of genetically generated Tfr cells from nerve cells developed a population of defective plasma cells early in their lives. These are the cells that made the self-antigen.

But when the team treated TFR-deficient mice with neuritis in their veins, they found some surprising results.

Gonzalez-Figueroa and colleagues wrote in their article that “mice with TFR deficiency treated with Neurontin appeared healthy,” explaining the treatment and the disappearance of the bully B cell population.

Scientists Find a Natural Protein

Scientists Find a Natural Protein That Stops Allergies And Autoimmune Conditions. The team warns that they cannot understand the nutritional effects on the entire pathway or other cellular processes involved in these protective mechanisms. Although nutrition has long been studied in the human nervous system, the exact way it stimulates cells is not clear.

Blood cells from human blood

To find out, white blood cells from human blood and tonsils were analyzed in human proteins, indicating that they act internally. The results may better understand how we can use neuritis to treat immune conditions in the future.

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“It could be more than a new medicine. It could be a completely new way to treat allergies and autoimmune diseases,” Vanessa said.

Destroy immune cells

“If this approach is successful, we will not need to destroy immune cells and sample the entire immune system. Instead, we will need to use only proteins that are our own to ensure immune tolerance.” Used by the body. ”

If they are correct and prove safe, it may one day lead to a growing number of us suffering from allergies and autoimmune diseases with some peace of mind with our bodies. Check out this place.


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