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super-foods for weight loss


You are more likely to follow a diet that includes nuts, so you are also more likely to lose weight. Take a handful – do not let the fat put you off. The fats in the nuts are healthy and help satisfy hunger, making you less likely to overeat. This is the Superfoods for weight loss.

Full-Fat Yogurt

You read correctly. Whole yogurt, not low in fat, can help fight obesity, provided you do not overdo it. And yogurt is good for bacteria in your gut. This can cause you to lose weight and not take belly fat, the most dangerous type of fat. This is the Superfoods for weight loss.


They can really satisfy your hunger. And when you are satisfied, you are less likely to eat too much. In addition, boiled potatoes form what is called “resistant starch“, a special type of fiber that can help you lose weight. But do not fill them with butter, cheese or sour cream. This is the Superfoods for weight loss.


Avocado-rich guacamole is a staple of your favorite Mexican restaurant. But this creamy and consistent fruit is excellent alone or sliced on a sandwich. Yes, it’s fat, but it’s the right kind. A little avocado in your diet can help keep hunger at bay while helping lower your cholesterol.


They are full of nutrients and are perfect for you to feel full. If you want to lose weight and already burn more than you eat, eggs can help you eat less and reach your goal.


Fermented foods, such as kimchi, are beneficial for mixing bacteria in the gut, which can improve fat metabolism and weight management. Foods ferment for a long time in the water, salt or other spices. It can change his chemistry and taste. Make sure to buy fermented foods – not just pickled – to get the full effect.


There is no silver bullet for losing weight. For example, you may have heard that grapefruit “burns” fat, does not it? False. No food can do that. But if you eat grapefruit as a snack instead of chips or treats, it can help you lose weight. Among other things, it is a good source of vitamins A and C.



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