11 Surprising Things That Can Hurt Your Kidneys – kidney pain

Heartburn Drugskidney pain

kidney pain – If protein pump infants (PPIs) say, which decrease in stomach acids, you may have swelling in your kidneys if you take them long. Some studies show that you can get long-term kidney disease to take a lot of CPIIs. If you are concerned, ask your doctor if any type of drug, H2 block, is better for you.

Bodybuilding Steroids kidney pain

Some people take antibiotic steroids – drugs that work like male hormones testosterone – to get every muscle. But they tend to seduce your kidneys that clear your blood. These can make your body parts swollen, allowing you to reduce your blood protein, and give you high cholesterol and kidney pain.


Overtraining or kidney painkidney pain

It is working very long for a long time, can cause reododomolysis, in which condition breaks the muscle tissue very quickly. It is your blood dumps substance that can harm your kidneys and fail them. Do not do more than that. Slowly build your tasks – do not make them even more intense. If you can, avoid avoiding high heat and moisture. If you have muscle pain and black colored skin, look at your doctor.

Illegal Drugs is a cause of kidney painkidney pain

Use of cocaine, heroin, or metermatamine (not a good idea to host hosts) can cause kidney damage to a variety of different ways. Some of these drugs can lead to high blood pressure, as well – one of the most important causes of kidney disease.

Pain Medicationkidney pain

Regularly, more and more counter-pain medicines – Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Neptrogen, and ibuprofen – or prescription NSAID Celebrex (celecoxib) can harm your kidneys. But it is not necessary that you have to make it harder. Talk to your doctor what you are doing and how much you want to see if you need another option.

Dehydrationkidney pain

Your kidneys need water to work properly. Not enough – especially if it happens, can cause kidney damage. How can you say if you drink if you need it? Your offer should be light yellow.

Sodaskidney pain

If you drink two or more meal sours a day, you may be more likely to get kidney disease and kidney pain. In a study, the food soda-drinking women had kidneys, which worked 30% less than 20 years compared to other women. Sugar sweet drinks had no effect.

Alcoholkidney pain

Huge chronic drinks can increase your chronic kidney disease. But a single Bangladeshi session (at least four or five drinks of two hours) can sometimes be “severe kidney injury”. Its severe kidney can be harmed, and you may need dialects – during which a machine helps to participate in your kidney function.



kidney pain


Not only can they reduce blood pressure and type 2 diabetes – there are two main causes of kidney disease – but they can interfere with the medicines used for their treatment. It also reduces blood flow in kidneys and kidney disease that causes kidney problems.



kidney pain


In some people, many salts can increase blood pressure and increase kidney loss. It can also increase kidney stones, which contradicts, severe pain, and roofs.



excessively Protein

kidney pain
Protein is essential for a healthy diet. But if your kidneys do not work normally, they may eat too much food. Check with your doctor. You may need to eat small portions of different types of proteins. Eggs, fish, beans, and nuts are all good sources.


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