how to overcome laziness

How to overcome laziness: First, you need to determine if laziness is your problem. Many business leaders believe that laziness is an excellent motivator. Laziness can inspire innovation and

how to overcome laziness

If you spend every night in front of the television, when someone constantly screams you to look for work and leave your home, you may have to overcome your laziness. This level of laziness could hurt your relationships or prevent new relationships from forming
(because you do not do interesting things and do not meet interesting people).

On the other hand, if you spend each afternoon in front of the television because you like
television, as long as you do not hurt anyone (including yourself), from your point of
view, it will be possible -being a good opportunity.

If your laziness causes procrastination, your system is down. You are lazy because you do not have the mental energy to determine the next step of the tasks you need to perform.
The answer to this question is simple. Get a piece of paper and write the “next step” in each task (David Allen’s time management technique). For example, if you need to start a
the good project at work, perhaps the first step is to create a list of people to participate.

If you spend the night in front of the television and feel uncomfortable, you have to give life to your life. Join a club with regular meetings and attend each of these meetings.
Examples include astronomy clubs, gardening clubs, reading clubs, etc. Only Google, there
is something for everyone and most do not cost anything.

If your laziness is a lack of motivation, then you need responsibility. I can not motivate myself to exercise. However, I have a dog and I am responsible for the walk every morning.
Then, every morning, for twenty minutes, I walk/run to the dog.

How to overcome laziness:10 Proven Techniques

1. Be nice to yourself.

How to overcome laziness: When you feel that you may have been too lazy lately, it is common and tempting to punish
you for it and hope it will get you started.

Sometimes this is the case. But I discovered that hitting yourself more often only leads to more guilt and failure. And then, you feel less motivated to go ahead and delay because it seems like it does not make much sense to try.

2. Start with just a small step forward.

How to overcome laziness: The most difficult is often to simply start.

Make it as easy as possible to reduce internal resistance and act. Just start with a
small step forward:

1-Go jogging for only 3 minutes.
2-Wash the dishes for 5 minutes.
3-Write in this report that you are delaying 10 minutes.

I use this habit almost every day in one way or another. For example, I’m creating a new course and my daily goal in the past few months has been to write one page a day. And now that writing is over, the goal at the beginning of my day is often to edit a page.

Here. But that never stopped on one page during these months, I wrote or edited a lot more each day.

3. Do a small part of what matters most in your day.

How to overcome laziness: To feel that you can enjoy your rest time completely and without guilt, it is important
that you do what matters, in the long run, every week.

So start your day with that. But simplify your task by dividing this task into smaller
steps and then focusing on the first one.

Put yourself immediately into practice to have an effective and focused mindset.

In doing so, you set the tone for your day. You get that quick win of 5 to 10 minutes
right from the start and you will be much more motivated to continue on that path for the
rest of the day.

Instead of starting a busy job, like checking emails, it may be vital to start with some,
but for many, this is probably not the case, or to consult Facebook, etc. and 30 minutes later start working today.

4. Fully concentrated work cycle with small breaks/rest time.

How to overcome laziness: To lighten up your daily work, take small breaks between your shortest and most
concentrated tasks.

Tell yourself: I will do 20 minutes of work on this task from time to time and I can take
5 to 10 minutes of rest time.

By dividing their hours this way, the job seems less daunting. And you’ll feel more
energetic and motivated longer and do a better job if you allow those breaks and this time
to laze on Facebook, play or just relax on the grass or take a short walk in the park.

Then, after a while, you may want to work 40 minutes before taking a 10-minute break. But go calmly at first. And if you’re having trouble meeting your deadlines, use an app on your phone or a simple timer in your kitchen.

5. Temporarily close the emergency exits.

How to overcome laziness: Just sitting on your computer, for example, and trying to do a well-focused job for 5 to
20 minutes may not result in significant work.

No, if you do not delete the items you usually use to postpone.

Then ask yourself: Where do I usually escape instead of doing my job?

For me, for example, it’s often my smartphone and I check Reddit, Twitter or random
browsing on the Internet.

So I put my phone in silent mode and put it at the other end of the house when I work. By
setting up this little physical obstacle, I avoid the phone trap maybe 95% of the time.

If you:

You have the same problem with games and then place your controller away from home while working. Escape from Facebook or other websites on your computer, and then block it for a moment using, for example, StayFocusd.
Watch the TV and pull the cables. Or remove one of the cables completely and place it on the other end of your house.

6. What are the disadvantages and benefits of renewed motivation?

How to overcome laziness: Asking better questions tends to give better answers.

Here are two series of questions that I sat down and that I asked myself with my eyes closed and that delighted my motivation several times:

What will my life be like in 5 years if I continue on the same path as now?
How is life likely to get worse for me and maybe for the people around me?
It is not like hurting yourself, but rather a sober examination of the direction you are taking. And this can be uncomfortable, but try to see the negative consequences as clearly as possible in your mind to increase your motivation to act on this positive change.

Then ask yourself:

What will my life be like in a year if I start, if I persist and continue with this change?
How will life improve not only for me but also for the people I love if I persist?

7. Separate your life.

How to overcome laziness: When your life is crowded and overwhelming, you can stop and postpone things by lazily lying on the couch and simply watching TV or your smartphone.

When this happens, start lightening your work hours and private hours. Two questions that helped me do this and find the most important are:

What should I work on if I only had 2 hours today?
If I only had one hour of free time today, how could I spend it?
Use them to get out of a previous routine, challenge your normal day and determine your priorities.

Then, see what you can eliminate, minimize or perhaps delegate elements that are not in your answers.

8. Agree to stumble occasionally.

How to overcome laziness: Fear of failure can prevent you from doing things more easily and becoming lazy.

But everyone looking for what they want and outside their comfort zone stumble and fail from time to time. It is only part of a well-lived life (although we don’t hear about people’s failures as often as their successes).

See a retreat as a learning experience and a way to be more constructive and kind to yourself.

You can do this by asking yourself these two questions after stumbling:

1 thing I can learn from this situation is what?
How can my best friend/father support me and help me in this situation? (Then talk to yourself and do things as you would).

9. Leave the enthusiasm, energy, and motivation of others.

How to overcome laziness: What you leave in your mind and your life will influence you. If the people you frequent most often are a bit lazy for work or school, it’s easy to simply adapt to that mood and thought.

But if you spend more time with people motivated in real life and through books, the Internet, podcasts, and audiobooks, this will start to influence your thinking and your mood.

Think about what you leave in your mind daily and weekly and if you want to make some changes.

10. I appreciate and enjoy your leisure time.

How to overcome laziness: The time I spend on laziness helps me relax, rejuvenate and make myself happy.

But if I do too much, it becomes less healthy for me. that:

It starts to frustrate me because I am not moving towards what I want.
It creates stress instead of relaxing because I don’t do what is important and could have negative consequences very soon.

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