How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety.

Hi! My name is Mike Mcaleer and I’m the author of healthfitns. I dealt with anxiety and depression myself during 2 years of high school and overcame it in the summer after high school.

how to overcome depression and anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety:

I didn’t want to take medication because I didn’t want to deal with the side effects or symptoms of my condition. I wanted to deal with the underlying factors that cause the anxiety condition I got into.

Originally I didn’t know anything about my condition or why I felt the way I did. I had a tingling and panic attacks without really knowing what they were, so I ended up researching online to learn more about how to overcome anxiety in general.

Then I found a website called AnxietyCentre that was the breakthrough for me.

And I learned that anxiety was a combination of physiological and psychological factors that cannot be resolved independently but together.

I learned that anxiety and stress are related. Anxiety causes stress and stress cause high anxiety.

To kill anxiety it is important to address the physiological and psychological factors that lead to anxiety and stress.

To address psychological problems, you will want to discover what is causing your anxiety in your life. What thought patterns do you have that irritate your anxiety? For example, your thoughts can always be worrisome and fearful about whether or not you will lose your job.

These thoughts and concerns create the anxiety you are experiencing. You want to work to change your thoughts with a type of technique called “stop and swap”. Whenever you have problems with a fearful or worrying thought, you will want to stop that thought and exchange it with more rational or balanced thought.

If you currently think, “My God, I’m going to lose my job,” then you’ll want to change that to “I have no reason to think that because I’m a good employee who isn’t going to be fired.”

These thoughts can be fears about anything and what you should do is change your brain’s thought patterns and the reaction to the stimuli that make you have a fearful or worrying response. Calm thoughts lead to a calm brain.

Also, if there are things you fear that you are avoiding, you need to experiment with an exposure therapy that makes you expose yourself to the stimulus you fear instead of continuing to avoid it. In my case of anxiety, I would not leave the house for about 2-3 months due to the anxiety of driving a car. It would give me the strange feeling that the road was getting longer and that other cars were going to drive me.

I know it was irrational, but it was something that my brain was doing to me at that time. So, instead of letting this continue to affect me, I kept driving as much as I could to train my brain to dissociate the stimulus from leading to the reaction of the fear of the road getting longer and the cars getting into me.

Basically, it is up to the individual to identify their thinking and defective associations and work to change them. This is how you would solve the underlying factors and the causes of your anxiety condition.

The following are physiological factors and this would include nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Now I didn’t do my best with nutrition other than trying my best to eat 3 solid meals per day, as well as drink enough water. I took a multivitamin that helps with the overall functioning of the body and mind; and fish oil that is said to help the brain.
I really believe that multi and fish oil helped me stay well physiologically.

In the exercise part, I would try to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. Even if it’s as simple as taking a walk in the neighborhood, you just have to do it. Nothing will stop you if you have a habit of exercising. Walking, running, biking, even a bit of weightlifting can help relieve anxiety. Some tips against very heavy weights for anxiety, but see what is best for you.

Then I would also say that meditation techniques or deep relaxation are the true anxiety killer. Anxiety makes your body and mind overstimulate and become too active. The way to reduce this overstimulation is to do any of the many meditations or relaxation techniques that exist. Try mindfulness meditation, which involves simply paying attention to your breathing for a while (10-45 minutes it works).

There is a deep breath in which you breathe for 7 seconds through the nose and exhale through the nose for 7 seconds. You should make sure that your stomach moves when you breathe and not your chest. Again, there are many different techniques for you to investigate, so try each one yourself.

This approach to attack physiological and psychological causes is at the root of the very popular cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

How To Overcome Depression:

To overcome depression, you must know these 3 things:

1. Improve your sleep.
2. Alter your way of thinking.
3. Produces much more serotonin.

As for serotonin, it is a neurochemical that you are not currently producing enough. You need serotonin to cope with the pressures of life, sleep well, deal with physical pain, relax and be happy!

In simple terms, you should do the following to produce more serotonin:

1. Positive thinking.
2. Positive actions.
3. Positive interactions.

Try this right now. Close your eyes and, in your mind, return to a time and place where you felt happy, proud and successful when you felt good about yourself. Maybe you did something good? Anything accomplished? Visualize it again, allow yourself to live that moment again.

See it and feel it in as much detail as possible.

You’ve done it? If so, how do you feel now? Do you feel a little more relaxed? If not, practice again until you feel something. If you noticed a slight difference in how relaxed you feel, that is serotonin and that is what I mean by positive thinking.

Because the way we think determines which neurochemicals are released and that determines how we feel and that in turn dictates what we can and cannot do, what it is and what is not possible!

However, it works just as well when you positively visualize the future since the brain cannot differentiate between real life and imagination, so decide on something small that you want to achieve and visualize yourself doing it. This will accomplish many things that are too long to go into details, so just try it!

Then, begin to do these little things that you have been visualizing. This is what I mean by positive actions and they will also produce more Serotonin.

Finally, positive interactions. You must begin to interact positively with other people to overcome your depression since this is the best source of serotonin. To make it easier, use the prior art. Visualize yourself interacting with new people, smiling, chatting, laughing, etc.

This will work if you do!

I will end with some words from the great Albert Einstein. He defined ‘Madness’ as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

If you want to feel different, you must do something different!

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped. It is not very related to death, but only a brief response on how to overcome depression and anxiety without medication.

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