Disadvantages of Releasing Sperm Daily? 2020

disadvantages of releasing sperm daily

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily, Releasing sperm daily directly affects your brain and physical health. If you are one of these men and women who regularly release sperm in one day and ask a question “Disadvantages of Releasing Sperm Daily” Warning!

Masturbation effects on the brain?

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? We all know that the brain is awesome and very important to us, but masturbation also damages the nerves, which can lead to very weak cerebral and autoimmune attacks.


When we have sex, dopamine is a chemical that causes pleasant feelings. It is made by eliminating the ethyl group from another chemical, DOPA, synthesized in the kidneys and brain. Excess masturbation and excess dopamine stress the kidneys and the brain. And because of many other causes, the brain is severely damaged by masturbation.

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? what are the health effects, if any, of stopping to masturbate?

Read this answer completely. What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily?

You can read or listen on the Internet and through other people that masturbation is healthier. Most people simply tell you lies about it, and others don’t know it.

First, understand the problem:


masturbation means a sexual stimulation of the genitals for temporary sexual pleasure.

Who does masturbation?

The answer is humans. Yes, only humans are just stupid species that masturbate. Have you ever seen any animal like a dog, a cat, a lion, or some species that masturbate? I am pretty sure that most of you have never seen any animals doing masturbation because masturbation is not natural. By nature, the penis is designed for the vagina, NOT for the hands. It is like a plug and a plug that is designed for each other to fulfill a purpose that is a reproduction.

It’s that simple. If you try to place or insert your penis in another place, then the purpose of the penis will not be completed. People read this mechanism in schools or some elders tell them that they still do not clearly understand it and all other animals or species that do not read this anywhere now understand how this plug and plug mechanism works.

So who teaches humans to masturbate?

Internet, media, sex books, and other stupid humans. Suppose that if you place a human right after birth on a remote island where you do not have access to the Internet, the media or other humans, then 99% of the chances that he or she does not know what the hell is masturbation and will walk four hands like the monkeys. When at the age of adolescence, your hormones fire, then he or she will run quickly to burn extra energy or do some madness just like animals when they get hot or try to find some other human being with the opposite sex.

So why do many people and the internet say that masturbation is healthy?

The Internet is not a god, so stop asking everything. Sometimes you have to use your mind and common sense. And the second is that the Internet is created by humans and whatever you read or see on it are the opinions, investigations, and facts of other people.

For example,

the earth is round or not, so you answer that it is round. Then I ask you again how you know the earth is round. Then you answer that everyone says it, it is written everywhere that the earth is round. Therefore, it means that you are believing the fact of others and the information given. But if you want to know that the Earth is round or not, then you have to use your mind and somehow discover personally that the Earth is round.

So why do people and the internet say that masturbation is healthy?

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? Many people, doctors, companies, and the internet say that masturbation is healthy because when you do masturbation, then they make money. The billion-dollar industry is based on your sexual desires.

For example,

many dating sites, applications, porn sites, adult video sites, adult camera sites, adult novels, sex movies, prostitution, massage parlors, strip clubs, bikini parades, condom companies, sex toy manufacturing companies, sex medication manufacturing companies, sexologist, brothels, etc., all these businesses run on your sexual desires. So, this billion-dollar industry spends millions of dollars every year to keep him sexually excited and turn him into a sexually addicted person.

These companies and businesses spend money to wash your brain. Every year, companies release movies that are full of sexual and naked scenes, shown in movies that a rich person can abuse a woman and then show these movies in public movie theaters where our young generation is going to fill their mind with those things Sexually paying parents’ money earned with effort.

This example related to the movie I just told you because it is happening openly everywhere. Social networks are full of adult content and when you see that content you get sexually excited and end up watching porn. The middle name of the internet is a web and in reality, it is a web where companies catch people like you. I don’t want to tell you how all sex businesses get you to make money. You just have to observe these things for yourself.


Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? from 0 to 14 years your parents take care of you very well. They give you good food. And in adolescence, you feel stronger, smarter, and feel that you can conquer this world. It occurs because the body is full of vital energy that is stored from birth to adolescence for the next challenge.

Genital fluids: Genital fluids in men and women are very complex substances and are a basis of life. Semen in man is a vital source of energy. When you eat good quality food for 7 to 8 days, it creates a very small amount of semen and sperm and at a time of masturbation is wasted more than that. This energy is stored in your body from birth to adulthood and when every time you lose it, it means that you are losing the source of life. A small drop of these fluids can give life in this world when these fluids are found in the female body. So, these are not just fluids that nature provides to give life to this world and these days our young generations waste it by watching fake sex videos on mobile phones.

disadvantages of releasing sperm daily

The harmful effects of masturbation are detailed below:


1. Effect on the health of the body:

your body is like a sugar cane full of sexual energy. So, when we extract all the sugarcane juices, the remaining bagasse has no value, just like when you keep wasting your vital energy when extracting your sexual fluids when doing masturbation, then your leftover body has no value. When doing masturbation you only make your body hollow that has no strength. Masturbation degrades the health of your body. This is the answer to your asking question. “What happens if we release sperm daily”

2. Effects on the bones:

if you perform extreme masturbation (8 to 10 times per week) and continue this habit for a long time, such as for six to ten months, this will have harmful effects on the bones. When the person tries to masturbate a lot in a short time, a type of white part of the bone that includes phosphorus, carbon, and other minerals that are extracted from the bones begins to ejaculate.
If you masturbate a lot, then you feel that your knees and elbow joints begin to make noise when moving like a very old person. And at an early age, the person feels back pain because masturbation addiction weakens the spine. This is the answer to your asking question. “Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily

3. Effect on your face:

by looking at a person’s face you can know how much you masturbate or include in sexual activities. And you can even say which hand you mainly use to masturbate. Those who masturbate their cheeks a lot began to shrink, narrow, and enter right in front of chubby. Pimples are natural at an early age, but those who masturbate, for them, pimples and acne create big problems. They increase in number and get bigger in the face. It makes spots on the face. On that face, they look ugly and the person’s confidence remains low throughout life because of those marks on the face. Masturbation also makes the face asymmetrical, for example, if the person masturbates a lot with the right hand, their face will be narrow and asymmetric from the right side. Masturbation steals the naturalness of the face and steals aura and brightness of the face. This is the answer to your asking question. “Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily”

4. Effects on your life:

those who masturbate a lot cannot concentrate on their work and their social life. The person cannot speak with others by making eye contact due to a lack of trust. People who masturbate a lot try to live alone and cannot live happily. Students with this habit cannot concentrate on studying. Masturbation fills a person’s life with laziness and that type of person postpones each job. This is the answer to your asking question. “What happens if we release sperm daily”

5. Effects on the buttocks:

by observing the buttocks of a person, you can know how much you masturbate. By masturbating many buttocks that were introduced inside from the side and slowly, he discovered that much and the size of the buttocks will shrink or disappear. It takes months or years, but you may feel that your buttocks do not resemble your adolescence. (This effect is a bit awkward but true). They began to look like the buttocks of porn stars. This is the answer to your asking question. “What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily”

6. Effect on the penis:

masturbation causes the penis to bend because most people masturbate with their favorite hand because, on the other hand, they have to handle the mobile phone or computer mouse and that finger grip The hand, in particular, makes your penis curl from that particular side. And most people do not use lubricants during masturbation, which also harms the penis. Nature creates the penis for the vagina and already provides many lubricating glands in the inner wall of the vagina. (It may be that nature does not know that humans will begin hand masturbation; otherwise, nature will also provide lubricant on the hands, just kidding.) This is the answer to your asking question. “Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily”

7. Effect on female sexuality:

Masturbating daily can cause weakness, fatigue, and premature ejaculation problems in women. Due to the habit of masturbation, women may lose interest in real sex with men. These days, companies are selling vibrators and dildos to women, which is completely unnatural. The vibrator vibrates too fast, which can irritate the vagina, which can also cause premature ejaculation problems. Vibrators and dildos cannot replace the real penis. Vibrators and dildos cannot produce babies and the human penis does not vibrate like electronic vibrators during sex. And masturbation increases the process of puberty, so these days teenage girls are maturing at a very young age. This is the answer to your asking question. “What happens if we release sperm daily”

8. Effect on their sports and physical activities:

the coach of national teams such as boxing, gymnastics, and runner teams advise their players, not to masturbate or have sex. a month before their competitions and championships. Because they know that masturbation will reduce their large amount of energy and endurance. After masturbation, you feel a lack of energy and feel that you need prolonged sleep. This is the answer to your asking question. “Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily”

9. Effect on the brain:

Too much masturbation can cause problems with low memory and OCD. Students who masturbate more have difficulty remembering to study related courses. Pornography and masturbation addiction increases the chance of developing a problem of OCD in the brain and that can affect the person’s daily life. This is the answer to your asking question. “What happens if we release sperm daily”

10. Effects on clothes, walls, sheets, pillows, their presence at home:

if the person masturbates a lot, every time they see a small amount of sexual activity or activity such as cleavage, girls in bikinis, kisses or blah blah on the movies, then he has just begun to filter a small number of sailors or sexual liquid through his penis or vagina because his mind is very addicted to such things. This is the answer to your asking question. “Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily”
Fun things: if you masturbate, at some point you dirty the fabrics, walls, sheets, and stains of the sailors, sometimes you can’t wash easily and sometimes you feel ashamed in front of your parents.
And at some point, your parents feel bad for you when you stay locked in the room all day. They know everything when they see your face.

So don’t masturbate, if you don’t agree with me, let’s do this, just don’t masturbate for a month and then tell me how you feel.

If you don’t masturbate for a year, then I’m sure you will feel like a superman/superwoman and feel that you are capable of doing anything in this world. Just stay busy and eat a proper diet, exercise and do not masturbate for a year and when you compare your image now and after a year with this schedule (without masturbation), you can feel these changes after one year – more Face more healthy, more symmetrical, bright and glorious, fatter but not in the belly or stomach, looks fitter, happier, more focused, safer, more successful, etc.

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? So what is the solution? and how to control yourself?

The solution is very simple. And the solution is the GOAL.

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? If at night, you are reading this answer, it means that you have a lot of free time and do not have a higher objective, or if you have any objective, then you have no burning desire to achieve that objective.

Warren Buffet learns to invest from a young age.

Mark Zuckerberg was building Facebook at an early age.

Blake Ross launched Firefox when he was 19 years old.

There are thousands of people out there who did an amazing job when they were young. Everything happens because they have higher goals in life. They didn’t have time to think about sex or masturbation when they were working on their goals.

Therefore, set higher goals in your life and dedicate yourself completely to achieving those goals. Always think about your goals.

Suppose you want to complete the most difficult exam in the world. And it must be a year for preparation and then, for a year, you must follow the routine given below.

Wake up at 4 AM, exercise, take a bath, eat, then study nine hours and then sleep. Repeat this routine for a year and you will get success.

If you don’t focus on your goal, then you can’t succeed in life. And when you focus all your attention and energy on your highest goal, then there is no energy or time left in your life for any bad habits.


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