The Difference between junk food and fast food.

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Let’s Stop Eating This Poisonous Food! And Know The Difference between junk food and fast food.

Difference between junk food and fast food.


Difference between junk food and fast food.

Fast food refers to the assembly process. Fast food is usually obtained in a restaurant, where the whole restaurant is designed so that customers can get their food in minutes. The classic example is KFC, McDonald’s.

Junk food refers to the nutritional value of food. Junk food is usually processed and contains large amounts of sodium, calories and/or fat, with little nutritional value, such as a bag of Doritos chips or a bar of chocolate.

There is some overlap between the two terms. If a hamburger is prepared in a fast food restaurant using, for example, 70% lean beef, a lot of salt and a cheap wholemeal bun, this hamburger can be considered both fast food and fast food. and junk food. However, not all fast foods are junk food and all malbubes are not fast food. Many fast food restaurants, responding to criticism of health and obesity issues, have made healthier choices on their menus in recent years.

A related term is cooked dishes, which are not usually sold in restaurants, but in supermarkets. It is designed to be easily prepared or consumed. Again, there is a lot of overlap between junk food and ready meals, but the two are not necessarily synonymous. For example, baby carrots sold pre-peeled and prewashed can be considered prepared meals, but not like junk food.

Fast food can be considered a cooked dish. It’s quick. It can be, but not always, junk food.

Junk food is a food that is not nutritionally dense or, in other words, dense in calories for nutrient content.

The confusion comes as follows: these terms are sometimes used as synonyms, while they are not. Indeed, the two sets do not overlap completely: the fast food set can include a quick green leaf salad with a homemade vinaigrette made with oil and vinegar, while the whole junk food does not contain the same salad.

Developed in its entirety, with regard to these two sets:

Difference between junk food and fast food;

  • There are foods that are just fast food: a quick salad made from dark green vegetables;
  • There are foods that are just junk food: an English cream made from corn starch with meringue;
  • And there are foods that are both: a store-bought hamburger garnished with withered and almost white lettuce;
  • Finally, there are foods that are neither: a confit of duck with a salad garnished with candied walnuts.

Fast food is defined as fast food that is convenient, simply accessible, requires very little preparation and is cheap. Generally, it is bought in a fast food chain by placing AN order at a counter or by car.

Junk food is also described as fast, convenient, accessible and inexpensive. However, these foods are mainly made up of so-called empty calories because of the low content of the biological process. they will be purchased from around the world where food and/or alternative products are sold.

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