What is Swimrun?

what is swimrun

What is Swimrun?, If you’re passionate about endurance sports, consider adding a Swimrun event to your racing schedule. This multi-sport competition presents the unique challenge of constantly switching between swimming and running, whether in a standard racing style or on a loop circuit. Although certain events focus on experienced long-running athletes, there are also several … Read more

Five questions you should agree to make your relationship last

make your relationship last

Dear Dr. Jenn, I understand that we all have to be flexible in a relationship, but are there things we shouldn’t be negotiating about? I’m not talking about bad behavior in breach of contract, but more serious issues. How do you know someone will really never be the right choice in the long run? —Lines … Read more

Things the children of narcissists want you to stop saying…

children of narcissists

Children of narcissistic parents experience severe neglect and abuse which results in disrupted attachment, poor identity formation, unstable self-esteem, and complex traumatic stress. To add to the trauma, these parents are usually informed in multiple ways by their parents and perhaps by other family members and beyond that their parents are beyond reproach and that … Read more

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety you Shouldn’t Ignore, Experts Say

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult enemy, the root cause of which can be so difficult to identify. According to David Merrell, MD, Ph.D., a psychologist at Providence St. John’s Health Center in Sanda Monica, you may feel itchy, tired, restless, and just out of balance. To confuse things further, physical symptoms usually pop up in addition … Read more

Researchers are analyzing breast milk to detect key antibodies against the coronavirus

Researchers are analyzing breast milk to detect key antibodies against the coronavirus

Breastfeeding parents have always known that their milk has something special. It’s hard to argue that breast milk is as close to magic as our bodies can produce, which is why a scientist from New York is investigating its potential as a treatment for coronavirus. Breast milk is full of proteins and antibodies that are … Read more

Angelina Jolie revealed that two of her children had surgeries

Angelina Jolie revealed that two of her children had surgeries

Angelina Jolie says two of her daughters have recently had “medical problems” in the past two months, both undergoing surgery. In an essay for Time, the actress and humanitarian wrote that Zahara, 15, and Shiloh, 13, both had surgery, writing that Shiloh had hip surgery, although she didn’t go into the details of Zahara’s procedure. … Read more

The Upward of Shame…

The Upward of Shame

When we are ashamed, our thinking tends to associate it with perceived weaknesses and flaws. However, there is much more shame than its reputation as a negative emotional state characterized by painful feelings of exposure, deflation, or insufficiency. In fact, there is a very important and positive component of shame that is not usually emphasized. … Read more

Do I need more hours of sleep or exercise?

sleep or exercise

It’s the ultimate chicken-and-egg puzzle: Sleep can energize you, repair your muscles, balance your hormones, fuel your workout, and get through the day. Exercising can help improve your sleep, increase your energy, improve your mood, and increase your metabolism. So if you only have 30 minutes to spend sleeping or exercising, which one should you … Read more

how to overcome laziness

how to overcome laziness

How to overcome laziness: First, you need to determine if laziness is your problem. Many business leaders believe that laziness is an excellent motivator. Laziness can inspire innovation and change. If you spend every night in front of the television, when someone constantly screams you to look for work and leave your home, you may … Read more