7 Foods That Are Good for Your Eyes. Do you know ?

Raw Red PeppersFoods That Are Good for Your Eyes

Bulls provide pepper per capita and most vitamin C. It is good for blood vessels in your eyes, and science shows that this pearl can reduce the risk of surviving beads. It is found in many vegetables and fruits, including book tea, cabbage, papaya, and strawberry. The heat will break vitamin C, so when you can. Brightly colored peppers eye-friendly vitamins also packed another E.

Sunflower Seeds and Nuts                   Foods That Are Good for Your EyesAn apple or almonds allow a daily amount of USDA of Vitamin E for adults. A major study is found that vitamin E, along with other nutrients, can help slowdown of AMC’s obesity. This can also help in preventing the pearl. Hedgehog, Mong (Technically Dimension), and Juice Butt are also good sources of vitamins.

Dark, Leafy GreensFoods That Are Good for Your Eyes

For example, tomorrow, Pale, and Caller’s Greens are rich in both Vitamin C and E. The carotenoids are also lutein and zeaxanthin. Vitamins A, based on these plants, reduce the risk of long-term eye diseases including MD and pearl mode. Most people eat from west foods, not enough.

SalmonFoods That Are Good for Your Eyes

Your precious requires two types of omega-3 fatty acids to work correctly: DHA and APA. You can also find both fast fish, such as salmon, tuna and trout as well as other seafood. Omega 3s also protect your eyes from AMD and glucose. Low levels of these fatty acids are associated with dry eyes.

Sweet PotatoesFoods That Are Good for Your Eyes

In beta-carotene, such as sweet potato, carrot, cantolip, mangos, and yellow-like orange-colored fruits and a vegetable is a form of vitamin A that helps with the eyes of the eye to adjust the darkness. Sweet potatoes also require a day and a small vitamin, more than half the vitamin C.

Lean Meat and PoultryFoods That Are Good for Your Eyes

Zinc takes your vitamin A to retina from your liver, where the protective color is used to make meline. Oysters serve more than any other meal, but you should not have shellfish lovers to get enough: beef, pig, and chicken (both flesh and black both flesh) are good sources.

Beans and LegumesFoods That Are Good for Your Eyes

Choose the choice of vegetable, low fat, high fiber to keep your vision sharp at night and keep the AMD slow? Chips are also high in black eye peas, kidney beans, and zinc like zinc. A work of baked beans will also work.

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