5 healthy diet tips

healthy diet tips
Whatever your new year’s solution will provide healthy and balanced foods in 2019 and many benefits. What we eat and drink, we can influence our body’s ability to fight infection, as well as we have later life in life, including cereals, heart disease, diabetes and various types of cancer. How likely it is to promote problems.


The correct ingredient of the “healthy diet” depends on the various factors such as old and how we are active, along with the types of food items available in communities. But there are some common diet tips to help us in a cultural, long life.

Avoid hazardous and harmful alcohol use :

healthy diet

Alcohol is not a part of a healthy diet, but in many cultures, a new year’s celebration is associated with heavy drinking consumption. Overall, a lot of money, or more often, increase the risk of injury, and increase long-term effects like a liver loss, cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.

WOW advises WHO that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption; and even in lower use of alcohol for many people, low levels can still be associated with major health risks.

  • Remember, consumption of low alcohol is always better for health and it is absolutely not right to drink.
  • If you are: You should not drink alcohol for pregnant or breastfeeding. Driving, operating machinery or related activities, which include related risks. You have health problems that can be worse than alcohol. You are taking medicines that communicate directly with alcohol, or you have difficulty controlling your drink.
  • If you think that you or you have love, there may be problems with alcohol or other psychotherapy, your health workers or specialists are afraid to reach for help with drugs and alcohol. WHO has also developed self-help guides to provide guidance to the people seeking to deduct or stop use.


Limit sugar intake :healthy diet

Too many sugars are not just bad for our teeth but increase the risk of extraordinary weight and obesity, which gives birth to serious, chronic health problems.

As a salt, it is necessary to note the amount of “invisible” thanksgiving processioned food and beverages. For example, Soda’s single spoon can be added to extra sugar!

Some Tips to Reduce Chinese Intake:


  • Sweets and sugary drinks such as frozen drinks, fruit juices and juices, liquor and powder flavor, drinking water, energy and sports, drink for preparation, and taste of taste and milk.
  • Instead of processed foods, choose fresh snacks.
  • Avoid giving serious nutrition to the children. Salt and gourmet should not be included in additional food items that give children under 2 years old and should be limited to the age of this.


Can Reduce use of certain fats and oil :

healthy diet

We all need some fat in our diet, but a lot of food – especially inaccurate-obesity, heart disease, and stroke increases. Industrially prepared trans fat is the most dangerous for health. More food in this kind of fat has got to increase the risk of heart disease by approximately 30 percent.


Some tips to reduce fat consumption:


  • Change butter, fat, and foam with a healthy oil like soybean, canola (release), corn, saffron, and sunflower.
  • Choose white meat like chicken and fish, which are generally less than the meat of red meat, chicken meat and chicken meat processed.
  • Instead of cooking after cooking, try steaming or opening.
  • Check the labels and always execute, avoid fast and fried foods that are industrially manufactured transmission. It often meets margins and peasants, as well as pre-packed salt, fast, cooked and cooked food.


Cut back on salt :healthy diet

Many salt blood pressure can increase, which is an important risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Most people around the world eat more salt: average, we recommend WWW to WHO 5 grams equal to one gram in one day.

Even if we do not add additional salt to our food, we should know that it is usually put into processed food or drink, and often in excess.

Some tips for reducing your salt amount:


  • After cooking and preparing, use salt and reduce the use of salt sauce and reconciliation (such as soy sauce, stock or fish sauce).
  • Avoid salts that are high in salt, and try fresh and healthy snacks on processed foods.
  • When using a canned or dry vegetable, nuts, and fruit, choose any extra salt and gray type.
  • Remove salt and salt peppers from the table and try to get out of their habit; We can quickly adjust our taste and once again, you are likely to enjoy less salt, But more taste!
  • Check labels on food and carry products with less sodium content.


Can Eat a variety of food :

healthy dietOur bodies are incredibly complicated, and there is no nutrition (with milk exemption for children) that we need to do their best. That is why we have a wide variety of fresh and nutritious foods to keep our diet strong and functionally.
Some tips to ensure a balanced diet:
  • In your daily meals, you eat a mixture of steam food such as nutrition, wheat, corn, rice and potato, such as nutrition, beans, beans, milk, fish, eggs, and fresh fruit and rig, and plenty of foods. Is. ).
  • Choose the council’s food when you can do the disabled corn, millet, liquor, wheat, and brown rice; they are rich in valuable fiber and can help you feel a long time.
  • Instead of nutrition in nutrition, nutrition, diet or excessive nutrition, choose raw vegetables, unwanted nuts, and fresh fruits.

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